100 Year Starship Study™ Public Symposium

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Track Descriptions

  • Time-Distance Solutions – Propulsion, Time/space manipulation and/or dilation, Near Speed of Light Navigation, Faster Than Light Navigation, Observations and sensing at Near Speed of Light or Faster Than Light
    Track Chair: Dr. Jim Benford
  • Habitats and Environmental Science – To have gravity or not, Space & Radiation effects, Environmental toxins, Energy Collection & Use, Agriculture, Self-supporting environments, Optimal habitat sizing
    Track Chair: Dr. Chris McKay
  • Biology and Space Medicine – Physiology in space, Psychology in space, Human life suspension (e.g., cryogenic), Medical facilities and capabilities in space, On-scene (end of journey) spawning from genetic material
    Track Chair: Dr. Neal Pellis
  • Education, Social, Economic and Legal Considerations – Education as a mission, Who goes, who stays, To profit or not, Economies in space, Communications back to Earth, Political ramifications, Round-trip legacy investments – assets left behind
    Track Chair: Dr. Mae Jemison
  • Destinations – Criteria for destination selection, What do you take, How many destinations and missions, Probes versus journeys of faith
    Track Chair: Dr. Jill Tarter
  • Philosophical and Religious Considerations – Why go to the stars, moral and ethical issues, implications of finding hospitably worlds; implications of finding life elsewhere, implications of being left behind
    Track Chair: Stewart Brand
  • Communication of the Vision – Storytelling as a means of inspiration, Linkage between incentives, payback and investment, Use of movies, television and books to popularize long term research, long term journeys
    Track Chair: Dr. Harry Kloor

Photos of the Space Shuttle Atlantis and Mission Control were taken by NASA.

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